Colonoscopy Preparation with Pico3

Colonoscopy is a procedure to visualize the inside of the large intestine (colon and rectum). Colonoscope is a flexible tube fitted with a light and camera. It is introduced into the colon through the rectum and allows the doctor to take pictures or videos of the entire colon till the lower part of the small intestine. The entire colon from the rectum to the small intestine can be examined for ulcers, polyps, inflammation or cancer. Colonoscopy can be diagnostic and therapeutic. A colonoscope can be used to remove polyps or take biopsies of the colon.

A successful colonoscopy requires clear visualization of the entire colon. Stool or fecal matter in the colon could obscure complete visualization of the colon, and therefore it is very important to have a good bowel preparation.

While preparing for a colonoscopy, after a thorough review of the patient’s medical history and chart, a doctor may prescribe PICO3 or sodium picosulfate. PICO3 is used as a contact laxative to empty the colon in preparation for a colonoscopy. PICO3 has been found to have the same efficacy, better taste, and fewer side effects compared to the rest of the methods used for bowel preparation for colonoscopy.


Bowel Preparation – Patient Instructions

1.Purchase picoprep – (15.5 mg) sachets x 3 – $10.00

Stop all iron containing medications seven days prior to your procedure (continue with your regular medication). patients with diabetes will get special instructions from Dr Das.

2.On the day before the examination

During the day, drink at least one glass of clear fluid (plus preparation liquids) each hour. Keep drinking approved clear fluids until bedtime.

No solid foods, no milk products

Drink only approved clear liquids all day

Approved clear liquids: a good combination of these clear fluids, including 2-3 cups of strained chicken noodle soup will give you a variation in fluid intake).

Water, clear salty fluids (eg. strained chicken noodle soup), clear broth/bouillon, clear fruit juices (apple, pear and grape), plain jelly, black tea or coffee (no milk), sports drinks, carbonated beverages, barley sugar, clear (lemon/lime). (no red or purple colourings).

3.Picoprep sachets

(for morning procedures) – (fast from midnight the night before)

  • First dose: 4.00pm (the day before)
    Add the entire contents of one sachet of picoprep in a glass of warm water (approx 250 mls) and stir until dissolved. Chill for half an hour before drinking if preferred. Drink the mixture slowly but completely. This should be followed by adequate glasses of water or approved clear liquids (at least one glass per hour), in order to retain hydration throughout your body.
  • Second dose: 6.00pm (as per the first dose) – (the day before)
  • Third dose: 8.00pm (the day before)

(for afternoon procedures) – (approved clear fluids until 6.00am, then nil by mouth)

  • First dose: 6.00pm (the day before)
  • Second dose: 8.00pm (the day before)
  • Third dose: 6.00am (on the day of the examination)